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Meet the Crew

"SHORTY" - Shorty is the newest member of the B.S Bikes crew. He is an Australian Sheppard that we rescued because he was born deaf and needed to be around people all day. We rescued him from Bastrop before the terrible fires destroyed his home. So you might say he's double lucky.

Mark Mitchel - Living in Texas for 30 years, Mark is a real renaissance man. From being a licensed pilot to running a successful cell tower business in past lives, he has started and owns BSBR for the past 9 years. You can catch him on his infamous spot on the shop couch with Shorty and don't dare park in his lot of your not renting bikes!

Stephen Scholz - As our rock n roll tour guide, you can catch Stephen playing shows with his band Tameron all over east Austin. Originally from San Antonio TX, he went to college at Texas State in San Marcos before coming to Austin and joining the team.

Santiago Calderon - "Santi" is a rolodex of Austin knowlege. Coming from Mexico, he has lived in Austin for 22 years and coaches mental skills to all sorts of athletes.

Cody Rodgers - This gentle giant comes from New Hampshire, but has been in Austin for 5 years and has really embraced it. He can tell you everything from the best happy hours in town to the best weekend camping spots.

Gabriel Osoro - Coming from a Chilean decent, Gabe is all about bikes. From working in many shops around the US to being a bike messenger in New York to now being our Mechanic and a tour guide, he is the real deal.

Devon Lampman - Our Manager, Devon, comes from Bryan College Station but has lived in Austin for 11 years. He has rode BMX for 15 years and is sponsored by Texas from company Machine Bike Co. You can catch him and his daughter taking out our child seat hybrid and hitting the trails on his days off.